Forward from Managing Director

Labor migration for overseas employment has been a topic of popular attention of our country Nepal and the overseas employment has created an intention of us in solving the unemployment ration in our country.

As a result of great volume in demand of various categories by Middle East, Gulf countries and various other concerned Asian countries have played a role of manpower import market.

We took this opportunity to establish the agency with substantial development in policy, procedure and in monitoring of situation for overseas employment. this agency has an arrangement for an efficient system of recruitment to facilitate the employment to select right candidate for the right job.

This website describe the procedure of recruitment for overseas employment from Nepal and contains the names of our clients as reference companies in various countries.

We hope that the prospective employer will find this website useful.

Thanking You.
Dinesh Dongol
Chairman/Managing Director
Continental Human Resources Pvt. Ltd.
Kathmandu, Nepal.

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