All that we are is because of the trust of our valued customers. It is only because of their continued
faith that we are who we are.
Our Esteemed Clients:



  1. Alir Maju Pump Services & Engineering SDN. BHD
  2. Arasis SDN, BHD
  3. Ban Lian Industries SDN, BHD
  4. Bassam Centre for General Contracting Trading
    Cleaning & Services Works
  5. Best Form Brake Manufacturing SDN, BHD.
  6. Brilliancy Engineering @ Contracting WLL
  7. CIIUA Tek IIeng Furniture SDN, DIID
  8. Cilver Coating SDN, BHD
  9. CLP Agro Technology SDN, BHD
  10. DD & I Engineering SDN, BHD
  11. Digital Furniture SDN, BHD
  12. First Oil Engineering SDN, BHD
  13. Forward Space SDN, BHD
  14. Full Wealth Resturant SDN, BHD
  15. G Garuda Services SDN, BHD
  17. Genting Plantation SDN, BHD
  18. GP Well Interior Enterprises SDN, BHD
  19. GSR Construction SDN, BHD
  20. Heave PAC SDN, BHD
  21. Heng Fatt Industries SDN, BHD
  22. HML Auto Industries SDN, BHD
  23. HOE Fock Wooden SDN, BH
  24. Hong Xin Construction SDN, BHD
  25. Industr5ies Keropok Dunis SDN, BHD
  26. JK Mega SDN, BHD
  27. JK Wire (Jackaal) SDn, BHD
  1. JK Wire (Jackaal) SDn, BHD
  2. LA Glove (M) SDN, BHD
  3. Laptronics SDN, BHD
  4. Life Style For Cleaning & Maintainance
  5. Loppotex Industries SDN, BHD
  6. Marvellouse Frontier SDN, BHD
  7. NSL Eastern Pretech SDN, BHD
  8. Pamol Plantation SDN, BHD
  9. Pernlagaan Tirex SDN, BHD
  10. Pythem Garace
  11. Quiver Trading & Engineering
  12. Ran Gaunhong (Bakkee)
  13. Restoran Cheng Sun SDN, BHD
  14. Sajay Construction SDN, BHD
  15. Setiarunding Cleaning Services
  16. Shun Hau Tropical Fish SDN, BHD
  17. Shy Du Industries SDN, BHD
  18. Sime Darby Plantation SDN, BHD
  19. Six Thai Seng Pottery SDn, BHD
  20. Smart Valus SDN, BHD
  21. Spurs Industries SDN, BHD
  22. Standared Industrial Supplier, SDN, BHD
  23. Timber Wood Industries (M) SDN, BHD
  24. Tisisit Corporation SDN, BHD
  25. Top Mix Bakery SDN, BHD
  26. Yonson Corporation SDN, BHD
  27. Alpha Guard Security
  28. Sancon Research


  1. Maldives Airport Company Ltd.
  2. Horizon Fisheries Pvt. Ltd.


1.SG HR Services Pte. Ltd

South Africa


1.Tuna Tex Ltd
2. A.Chinatamby Co Ltd



  1. Red Panda Employment PrIvate Agency
  2. Panamax Recruitment Ltd


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