Our History

Help Overseas Pvt. Ltd. was established in May 2004, under the company act (1996). As per
this act, our company Reg. No. is 27365/060/061, has obtained an overseas recruitment
license by the Nepal Govt. Department of Labor, the License no. is 464\060\061 & PAN No. is
Ever since our inception in 2004, we’ve worked as a full-service employment agency. We have
formed a distinct system that focuses on the recognition of individuals’ strengths. This
approach had helped us get competitive leads for our clients and fulfilling professions for our
fellow workers. We screen, recruit and help you through the entire process of hiring based on
the job description.
We also have the JITCO License (the permission to send workers to Japan) from our Government
Department of Foreign Employment as well.
We continue to grow with our goal to place quality people in quality jobs.

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