Why Recruit From Nepal?

Over the past year, an increasing number of employment generating organizations from the Middle East and Eastern Countries have shown interest in hiring Nepalese workers. Many of them also have shifted their attention concerning hiring of more workers than original labour supply from Nepal. This change is due to various reasons, some of which are:-

  • Nepalese workers are renowned for their hard work, loyality and high sense of responsibility and discipline.
  • The employers also get an advantage of wider choice due to availabity of skilled, semi- skilled and unskilled workers, who are readily available for immediate placement, almost in all fields and vacations.
  • Procedures and formalities for recruitning Nepalese workers for overseas employmen are simple.
  • Nepalese workers are comparatively more cost effective and their hiring cost is lower as compared to other labout exporting countries.
  • Nepalese workers are experinced in working in the extreme of climatic conditions.
  • Nepalese workers are peace loving and extremely loyal to their employers and devoted to their duties.
  • Nepal is situated very close to labour importing countries and linked by air with almost all of the major countries of the world.

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